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New Generation Weighing Technology
BAYKON digital load cell technology ensures maximum sensitivity
for weighing applications from 500 Kg to 500,000 Kg at different capacities
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For Professional Industrial Weighing Applications
Different Types and Capacities Models ...
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Highest Accuracy
Stainless Steel, IP 68
Electronic Calibration
Lightning and Voltage Protection
Heavy-duty and Water Resist Cables
Easy Installation and Quick Service
Lowest Service Costs
Preventing Fraud & Cheating
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Digital Load Cell Indicators and Terminals
Powerful functional features for technological weighing processes ...
Why Digital Load Cell?

The load cell detecting the load and transforming it into an electrical signal is the core of an electronic scale.
Digital technology revolution has been experienced in the electronics technology since the 1970s. With higher quality, reliability and powerful functions, modern technology's programmable smart products supersede old analogue technology products. 
BAYKON digital load cell weighing systems have technological and structural features fundamentally changing the measurement accuracy, weighing accuracy and maintenance performance of electronic scales. 

Expectations of an industrial business using electronic scale; 
• Minimizing raw material or product losses with high precision and always accurate weighing performance 
• Having a scale that does not break down or eliminating possible failures with minimum time and cost 
• Having a reliable, quality and traceable scale without paying more than necessary. 
• An available system that is open for improvement in more advanced technology investments of the business 

BAYKON digital load cells and weighing instruments, a new generation of software and hardware products from the main components of Industry 4.0 age, have been designed to meet all expectations with over 30 years experience of BAYKON, an industry leader in industrial weighing

Digital Load Cell Models
Digital System Instruments
BAYKON Digital Load Cells
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BAYKON Digital Load Cells
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BAYKON Digital Load Cells
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